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Diamond Flea Market Returns for 2022

James Crump-Wallace, CFO of The Diamond Flea Market, and Alex Turner tell Andrias and Cory all about this hub for small businesses to showcase their...


Elijah Lee - Hear Our Voices

Elijah Lee, community activist and founder of Hear Our Voices, tells Cory more about his work to raise money to build safe rooms at Children’s...


Dumpster Wagon

Ronda and Melvin Lawson tell Cory about how they got started and what makes Dumpster Wagon different.


Virginia Green Spring Lawn Care Tips

Gil Grattan, President Virginia Green, talks with Cory about the importance of regular mowing and watering to keep your lawn looking great.


Tax Season Is Upon Us

Mark Seibert, Chief Tax Information Officer at Jackson Hewitt, tells Cory that refunds are generally up this year according to information from the...


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Sharon Smith-Akinsanya, CEO of Rae Mackenzie Group, has over 20 years of experience advising Fortune 500 companies and national non-profit...


Bill Talley Ford - Custom Ordering

Chris Smith of Bill Talley Ford tells Cory the process is easy to create your very own custom vehicle in Bill Talley Ford’s Custom Order Room.

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