Follow These ‘Rules for the Game’ To Plan A Successful Retirement

Financial advisor Jeremy Shipp digs into the meaning behind "Hoyle Day" and how you can benefit from it.


August 29 is According to Hoyle Day, in honor of Edmond Hoyle, known for his books on the rules and regulations of popular board and card games.

Financial expert Jeremy Shipp, RICP®, CFP®,CLU®, WMCP® of Retirement Capital Planners, LLC
joined us today to share his According to Shipp rules for the game of successful retirement planning.

Hoyle, a lawyer by trade, codified the rules for many games, such as Whist, backgammon and chess.

He started out tutoring people on the game of Whist; selling them copies of his notes.

He penned a small booklet “A Short Treatise on the Game of Whist, in 1742.”


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