Marketing Mistakes That Could Put You Out Of Business - Mistake #1

This week I’ll be focusing on marketing mistakes that could put you out of business.

Mistake Number One: Choosing A Gimmick Over Being Clear

Many companies try to go viral in today's marketplace by coming up with cute or clever videos, social posts, or other gimmicks.

Most don't realize that a lot of the viral moments we think about became viral by accident. It is common during the creative process to let the creativity run wild to the point that the most critical questions never get answered in the final product.

Questions like, does this marketing campaign speak to our target audience, will they connect with the message, does this marketing convey our "why" to the customer?

Instead, just be clear.

If you are a solopreneur or business owner with a small team that could use some support, sound advice, and strategies to grow, then let's talk.

Now is the time to invest in yourself!

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