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Meet Cory Mosley, CSP

Cory Mosley, CSP, is an entrepreneur, award-winning business growth consultant, coach, certified speaking professional, and on-air media personality.

Cory's experience in the business and media arena spans twenty years and includes strategy, business development, and marketing work across the globe.


Creative and Innovative Strategies That Increase Sales & Create Raving Fans 

Cory educates, motivates, and activates! With Cory, you can always count on hearing progressive ideas and actionable strategies that create mind-shifting moments. 


Cory’s mission is to help people and the organizations they represent thrive in today’s economy. Cory is committed to delivering fresh content combined with relevant storytelling, real-world examples, and high humor.

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This quick-read essential book tackles the often not discussed elements of entrepreneurship like relationships, perseverance, grit, and imposters syndrome and leaves readers better prepared to win the game of entrepreneurship.

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